"The Visionary's Daughter" has been blessed with several visionary halo's since birth. Her DNA is linked with her father's extraordinary skills because her father, "The Visionary," has infused himself with the visionary's halo. Her three visionary halo's allow her to see beyond the limitations of her senses. Her senses not only have an effect on her sentiments anymore, but they also become reality. This gives her the freedom to create whatever she wants in front of her. She is still looking for new knowledge to widen her abilities, despite the fact that she has already beyond her theoretical boundaries. On one of her journeys, she stumbled upon a magical language that had been lost to time. She learnt everything there was to know and evolved herself through the use of runes. She was successful, and she was able to obtain the lost language in the form of runes on her skin. "The Visionary's Daughter" is still searching for her own identity, having spent her entire life absorbing knowledge in the process of growing herself.

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