On a typical day an Atlantis Guardian was patrolling the area, looking for possible enemy hideouts. On this particular day, he discovered a mysterious and unique cave that most definitely wasn't part of the ecosystem, but designed by an intelligent species. He was certain of this since the cave prevented any water from entering. So he removed his breathing bubble and went exploring in the massive cave that appeared to be so little from the outside. He then discovered a highly sophisticated gate that was technologically advanced and was investigating on it when the gate abruptly closed, trapping the guardian's arm between the doors of gate. The cave unexpectedly vanished and it seemed hard to enter from the outside, so no one ever discovered him while they were looking for him. As a result, the guardian did his best to learn everything he could about the gate that had gotten him trapped in the first place. The chamber on the other side of the gate, on the other hand, improved and strengthened his arm technologically. He eventually opened the gate and was reunited with his arm after years of investigation. He was so fascinated by the cave's technology and strange power that he never considered leaving until he had thoroughly investigated everything. After years of research, the guardian went to Atlantis to inform them what had transpired, and they renamed him the Atlantis Alien Researcher to continue their investigation into the unknown powers that lurk in the depths of the sea.

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