Nobody knows why the "Neon Cloud Human" was abandoned on Tokyo's streets as a child. Because he didn't know any better, he lived by performing dirty business on the streets. He felt awful when he ripped off other people, despite the fact that he was never raised with a decent morale. He began to consider how he could better his existence on the streets while still attempting to live when he reached puberty. He regarded the thugs on the streets as having a lot of potential and saw this as an opportunity to better his life. Although it was easier said than done, the "Neon Cloud Human" began researching how he might turn the criminals' shady company into a perfectly legitimate one, resulting in higher profits for everyone. He journeyed far to the monks in the mountains in quest of inner peace after changing the streets, since although improving his life and getting out of the shady industry, he could not find peace for what he did as a youngster. The "Neon Cloud Human" has attained inner peace and has ascended into the clouds, where he now watches over the people in the streets.

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